Family: Serranidae

(Serranus tigrinus)
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Family: Serranidae
(Serranus tigrinus)
Bloch, 1790
This is another sea bass that has similar requirements to the Lantern Bass.  They will eat smaller fish, including cleaner fish like the neon goby and ornamental shrimp.  They work in most semi-aggressive reef tanks, free of shrimp and small fish.  They have a really cool look to them with a yellow chin and belly being their most attractive feature.
They have a long pointed snout with black stripes and bars that form vertical rectangles that can be irregular on their body.  Their dorsal and tail fin are opaque with brown dots.  There are also brown spots and speckles throughout the body.  The bottom half of their body is yellow, which seems to fade from bright at the chin area to a more faded yellow near the back of the body.  They are predators, as can be seen with their eye position.
They can be house as a mated pair, otherwise they will kill another Halequin Bass.  If putting a non-mated pair in a larger tank, put in 2 small specimens at the same time, but watch carefully.  If they start to attack each other, remove one.  If they do not attack each other, then chances are they will pair up.  Keep with more semi-aggressive fish, but not with passive, peacful, or smaller fish that can fit into their large mouth.  Neon Gobies will be lunch.
Feed any meaty foods including marine fish and shrimp flesh, mysis shrimp and frost foods.  Feed at lease once a day.
Temperature:  74 - 82F
PH:  8.0 to 8.4
Salinity:  1.023 to 1.025
Minimum tank size:  29 gallons
Tank Mates:  Semi-Aggressive fish that are similar in size or larger.
Reef Safe:  With Caution (will take out small fish and shrimp)
Max Size:  4"
Care Level:  Easy
Carrie L. McBirney


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