Family: Gobiidae
(Gobiomosa evelynae)
Bohlke & Robbins, 1968
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Family:  Gobiidae
(Gobiomosa evelynae)
Bohlke & Robbins, 1968
These fish are the BEST for cleaning crypt and other undesirable things off your tangs and other fish!  (Shark Nose gobies only clean select fish, but Neon Gobies will take care of everyone!)  Save the cleaner wrasses, who die in captivity quickly and obtain these guys for your parasite problem and prevention!  They don't "have to have" only live organisms to survive like cleaner wrasses, but will also eat aquarium food.  You may have noticed the tank bred Neon Gobies seem to have lost their understanding of what is expected of them.   Until breeders "teach" their brood with a wild caught Neon Goby and a few tangs, this will not be learned.  It is possible to buy a tank bred and a wild caught, put them in the same tank, and hopefully the tank bred goby will "learn" from the wild caught that they are expected to clean.
They are easy to identify with their black and blue striped bodies, clear fins and ability to "perch" on anything!  Their diminutive size makes them great for small nano tanks.
Neon Gobies are great for any sized tank, reef, non-reef, nano, you name it!  Larger fish that eat small fish may not be the best mates, unless they are fish from the Atlantic that recognize your goby as a cleaner.  Most large fish will recognize the coloring, but be cautious.  It is not uncommon for them to breed in captivity and if a person decided to do this, lots of information is found on the web.  Just make sure you "teach" the babies how to clean other fish.
Feed them whatever you feed your other fish.  Of course, small meaty pieces are appreciated for their little mouths.  Mysis, finely shaved shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp and cyclopeeze are just a few foods they like.  Like most saltwater fish, feed at least 2ce a day for a reef system and 3 times in fish only.
Temperature:  74 - 82F
PH:  8.0 to 8.4
Salinity:  1.023 to 1.025
Minimum tank size:  12 gallons
Tank Mates:  Any, except those who may eat small fish whole
Reef Safe:  YES
Max Size:  1.6"
Care:  Easy
Carrie L. McBirney
-Marine Fishes
by Scott Michael
by Bob Geoman


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