Family: Gobiidae
(Priolepis hipoliti)
(formerly Quisquilius hipoliti)
Metzelaar, 1922
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Family:  Gobiidae
(Priolepis hipoliti)
(formerly Quisquilius hipoliti)
Metzelaar, 1922
Another great little fish for a nano tank!  These guys tolerate higher temperatures, up to 83 F and are another great addition to your tank!  They are small, easy to feed, peaceful, and add a nice splash of color.  Since these are not commonly sold in the mainstream aquarium trade, you will have a unique fish that most people don't see in saltwater tanks!
They are small, only getting to 1.5" and come in 2 color variations.  One is an orangish red color with lighter vertical bars.  The other color variation which is more common in the Florida area are more of a light orangey yellow with narrow bluish gray vertical bars with one at the head area and the 8th one at the base of the tail fin.  Some fins have rows of small dots that are orange in color.
Keep with other peaceful fish that will not eat them!  They work in a fish only or reef tank and eat meaty foods for carnivores, since they mostly eat zooplankton in the wild.   Do not keep with aggressive fish like dottybacks, triggers, aggressive angels or groupers.
Feed once or twice a day mysis, brine shrimp, finely chopped shrimp and fish, and cycloppeze. 
Temperature:  72 - 83F
PH:  8.0 to 8.4
Salinity:  1.023 to 1.025
Minimum tank size:  12 gallons
Tank Mates:  Any, except aggressive fish and those who may eat small fish whole
Reef Safe:  YES
Max Size:  1.5"
Care Level:  Easy
Carrie L. McBirney
by Bob Geoman


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