Sand-Canyon Goby

Sand-Canyon Goby
Family: Gobiidae
(Coryphopterus Venezuelae
previously C. bol)
Cervigon 1966
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Sand-Canyon Goby
Family:  Gobiidae
(Coryphopterus Venezuelae
previously C. bol)
Cervigon 1966
Typical of most gobies, these guys are GREAT for your reef tank, as well as a nano-tank since they only get up to 3" or 7.5 cm and pose no threat to corals or other fish.   They are peaceful, and are easy to feed and take care of!  This group of gobies are referred to as "sand gobies" or "sand-perching gobies" since, well, that is where they are usually found..... over sand or mud/sand mixed substrates.  They are found in offshore canyon habitats and rocky points with strong currents so it would probably appreciate some swift water movement in some area of the tank.  This indicates they want nothing to do with coral and are happy eating zooplankton or mysis and other small meaty foods, prepared and frozen.
Gobies in the Coryphopterus genus seem to all have several sets of markings such as spots, stripes and bars that are found on the sides and tops of their heads, around the ear area and at the base of the tail fin and the base of the pectoral fin.   They are a clearish color all over their body with the above mentioned patterns in mixes of iridescent blue or white, orange-yellow to orange with tiny black speckles on the back and face.  The fins are opaque to transparent, with the 2 dorsal fins ray's which may have a slight yellow to brown color with a tiny whitish opaque speckling over the fin's transparent background.  
These interesting little gobies are still being categorized, and it is often hard to identify actual species.  They have some variation in color patterns, but going by the basic behavior in the wild can help us decide on the correct environment for them in captivity.   They thrive in a typical reef setting and like other gobies will eat meaty fare.  Definitely an interesting and cool addition to your tank!
Temperature:  72 - 79F
PH:  8.0 to 8.4
Salinity:  1.023 to 1.025
Minimum tank size:  20 gallons
Tank Mates:  Any, except those who may eat small fish whole
Reef Safe:  YES
Max Size:  3"
Carrie L. McBirney
© copyright 2008-2011 Benjamin Victor
by Bob Geoman


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