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Family: Serranidae
(Serranus baldwini)
Evermann & Marsh, 1899
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Family:  Serranidae
(Serranus baldwini)
Evermann & Marsh, 1899
This fish is great in a moderately aggressive tank, won't bother corals although they will size up and consume small fish and shrimp.  So a "semi-aggressive" reef or fish only tank would work out great!  They are small but pack a powerful personality.  They inhabit rockey and weedy areas and feed on shrimp and small fish
Their body shape and location of their eyes gives evidence to their predatory nature.  The top half of their body has brown and opaque vertical irregular bars that form into dots and the bottom half of their body is lighter with several dots and dashes of brown and reddish orange.  There is a yellow  to opaque vertical bar that seems to separate the 2 halves.  Their eyes are red with a black pupil and their fins are clear.
House in a tank that is at least 29 gallons with fish like hamlets, grunts, pygmy angles, larger hawkfish, hogfish, larger wrasses, damsels and tangs.  Do not keep with passive fish, especially the smaller passive fish as these will become dinner.  Two can be kep in a larger tank that is 60 gallons or more.
Feed any food for carnivores such as shrimp and fish flesh, mysis shrimp and other prepared foods of similar nutrition.
Temperature:  74 - 82F
PH:  8.0 to 8.4
Salinity:  1.023 to 1.025
Minimum tank size:  29 gallons
Tank Mates:  Semi-Aggressive fish that are similar in size or larger.
Reef Safe:  With Caution (will take out small fish and shrimp)
Max Size:  4-5"
Care Level:  Easy
Carrie L. McBirney
-Marine Fishes
Scott W. Michael


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