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Medium surgeon 2.5 to 3.5 inch
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Doctorfish (Acanthurus chirurgus) Bloch 1787
The Doctorfish grows up to 15," although 13.5" is more typical in captivity.  They found at depths of 6.5 to 82 feet in groups, (only in the wild do they tolerate their own kind), eating detritus and algae which make them a big help in reef tanks!  They have a sharp "thorn" or "scalpel" on the area right in front of their back fin, which they use to defend themselves.  At times, they perform surgery for some HMOs!  I thought that doctor was a little slimy!  Care must be taken to not use a net with these guys since the "thorn" can be damaged and get infected.  
These fish do best in a large tank that is at least 180 gallons.   Tangs use their lateral line to determine the amount of water they are in and whether or not they need to "thin" the herd of other tangs as they grow.  In small tanks like 50 gallons, they will become aggressive toward other tangs, and visa versa.  
They LOVE to bolt from one end of the tank to the other, so you can see how a fish that is almost 14" may need a little room!  They like swimming against current, so supplying them with a power head shooting across the back of the tank will be appreciated if possible.  Due to their "I have to be at the other end of the tank....... NOW!!" goofiness, make sure your corals are bolted down, well, glued down or firmly in place so they don't get knocked over.  Some aquarists will purchase these fish and use them to clean up their smaller tanks, then after the algae is under control, and they have gotten larger, trade them in at the LFS for credit toward other fish or supplies.
Babies under 4" (yes 4" is baby size for a 15" fish) will starve if there is not enough green algae to graze on.  Typically they should be fed 3 times a day if there is no algae in the tank.  Watch their stomach to make sure they are full.  Supplementing with spirulina based foods, dried seaweed preparations for fish, and growing a fresh supply of macro algae in a separate tank is a great idea for tangs!  (check out our macro algae we have for sale!)  Meaty foods are important as well, since they are omnivores.  Mysis, and minced fish flesh is enjoyed and needed.
FACTOID:  Interestingly the juveniles clean Green Turtles!
Water parameters & Environment:
Temperature 72-83F
PH: 8.0 to 8.3
Salt: 1.023-1.025
Minimum Tank size: 180 gallons 
Tank mates:  Most fish except their own kind unless tank is very large.
Reef safe:  Yes 


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